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The Shri Ram Education Trust in the cause of academic innovation has instituted advisory councils to create an atmosphere of excellence, openness and risk-taking in academic institutions. Ably guided by the illustrious councillors, SRET is able to provide the best and constantly evolving learning opportunities for its schools.

The mission of the Councils is to advise the Managing Committees and Curriculum developers of our Institution with the view to achieving overall improvement of the students. This is to be done by:

  • Providing the ideological framework for the subject disciplines
  • Providing the motivation and passion for their disciplines and thereby encouraging students to aim for a wider spectrum of careers
  • Advising and supporting in the critical area of staff recruitment for their subject specialties
  • Advocating and connecting the institution and its alumni to external communities, giving counsel on spheres of further education
  • Guiding future curriculum policy formation


  • Science and Mathematics Advisory Council

  • This council advises the school on matters pertinent to mathematics and science education. With public and professional input, the Council assesses trends and needs; analyzes information regarding mathematics and science education; advises and makes recommendations regarding legislation, regulations, and program guidelines pertinent to mathematics and science education, and provides other programmatic recommendations as it deems necessary to fulfil the goals for mathematics and science education established by the Board of Education.
  • The Humanities Council

  • The council supports public programming in the humanities that promotes understanding of human thoughts, actions, creations, and values. It works with museums, libraries, and other cultural and educational organizations to bring humanities programs to school. All trust-supported activities involve the humanities disciplines-history, literature, philosophy, and other studies that examine the human condition at school level.
  • The Council for Languages

  • The Language Council is a permanent and independent association whose main aim is the quantitative and qualitative improvement of knowledge of the languages and cultures of the school and all institutions of higher education.
  • The Commerce and Business Advisory Council

  • Commerce Advisory Board is an important link between the School and the business and public communities that it serves. It provides advice to the faculty and School leadership regarding the dynamic and evolving needs of business, and it assists in planning and resource development. The Advisory Board acts as a liaison between the faculty and the business community to promote understanding, cooperation, and mutual gain through activities such as consulting arrangements, involving faculty members in practical business problems, arranging for guest lecturers from industry, and bringing students in direct contact with business executives. The Advisory Board consults with the school heads on education- and business-related activities, such as alumni organizations, business conferences, and management training programs; assists with the collection of business case histories and other instructional materials; helps to provide opportunities for business research; and consults on matters relating to students, such as employment opportunities and career development.
  • The Media Advisory Council

  • The Journalism Program has an Advisory Council, which consists of professional journalists and managers from all types of media. The council advises the program on its curriculum, scholarships, development, training and direction of the program. Members of the council are available to meet with journalism majors about internships, post-graduation job opportunities and career consultation..
  • Fine Art advisory council

  • Fine Arts Advisory Council is comprised of leaders in the field of fine arts who share the conviction that learning in and through the arts can and should play a distinctive role in the education of all children and youth. The purpose of the Fine Arts Advisory Council is to support and advocate for the dance, music, theatre and visual arts programs in Schools. The Fine Arts Advisory Council will serve as a forum for providing shared ideas and concerns for providing outstanding fine arts programs for the students. Their commitment to develop program is grounded in the knowledge that establishing a central role for the arts in young people’s learning and quality of life will be advanced and largely determined by the next generation of arts in education leaders and practitioners. It has several advisory councils under itself consisting of eminent persons in field of Music, theatre and dance.

    • The Music Advisory Council
    • The Dance Advisory Council
    • Theatre and Drama Council
  • The Sports and Physical Education Council

  • The council assembles and articulates the collective voice of professional organizations in the establishing global standards enabling quality physical education curricula in schools, thus, helping insure that every child and adolescent is physically educated. It provides content standards which form the foundation for developing and assessing all school-based physical education curricula. The council establishes operational definitions enabling, implicitly, distinctions and relationships between/among physical education and allied fields (e.g., dance, health, recreation, sport).

    The Councils meet in small groups twice a year to deliberate on how to support institute programmes and uphold the Shri Ram ideal of excellence, citizenship and nation-building.

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