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  • Domestic Experiential Educational tours

  • The student travel tours are customed designed keeping in minds their need, desire, age and capacity.School trip and college trip offer a lot of practical knowledge  to the students along with theoretical know how in an non educational school like environment These trips are learning experiences that an individual caters too all his life. It teaches some of the most valuable lessons of life!
  • India is a huge country that has amalgam of varieties of culture, custom and heritage. Its uniqueness like in the unity in its diversity! Which is not seen anywhere in the world. We engage the minds in exploring curriculum linkages
  • Biodiversity and ecosystems
  • Making sense of History and Geography of a city/ country.
  • Physical Sciences-Its impact and relevance- Global warming, climate, air quality, environmental issues; Nutrition , food and diet- source of health
  • Visit to the world’s best museums, research centers to witness the amazing achievements of scientists in unravelling scientific phenomena
  • Wonders of technology- Witness how countries have solved their various problems using tools, machines, techniques, systems, methods of organization etc just as information technology has dome to communication

  • Tailor made packages for groups

  • The Tours and excursions to places of historical, cultural, scientific and natural landmarks in and around the city, participation in the social and cultural events/ festivals, thus fully exploiting the adventure, fun, recreation and entertainment along with education. Not to forget will be the exposure to their markets, shopping and relishing of the special eating delights peculiar to the region.
  • No matter where you decide to go and what you want to do, we shall make your travel a learning experience. All packages are custom designed as per your needs specially taking into consideration your interest and age

  • Kerala
  • Golden Triangle
  • Darjeeling & Gangtok

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