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To establish a unique model for higher education that’s measured not by who we exclude, but rather by who we include; pursuing research and discovery that benefits the public good; assuming major responsibility for the economic, social and cultural vitality and health and well-being of the community...


We aspires to be an academic leader recognized for innovation and quality in teaching and learning, international standing in strategic research areas, and commitment to outreach and service to the Delta and beyond.


Integrity: We hold high standards of character and integrity as the foundations upon which the University will be built. We are committed to the intellectual, personal, and professional growth of its students, faculty, and staff. The goal of the college is to inspire a lifelong passion for learning, and to empower a diverse population of students to succeed as citizens of a challenging world.

Value centric: We embrace diversity in all of its dimensions realizing that mutual respect for individuality and the inclusion of all are vital for both personal and institutional success.

Student-Centric: We are committed to education, inquiry and service in order to meet students' changing needs. We place learner needs at the center of our academic and service planning, policies, and programs. We foster lifelong learning, civic and social responsibility, leadership, and individual and career growth to educates leaders, enhances intellectual growth, and enriches lives.

Learning-Centric: We nurture intellectual flexibility, knowledge and skills by integrating teaching, research, assessment and learning to promote continuous improvement of our scholarly community.

Education Excellence centric: We pursue excellence within the campus community through opportunities for achievement in teaching, research, scholarship, creative activity and service. we Offer a rigorous, high quality education to all students.

Responsibility: We, at the trust, place a high value on being ethical in all practices, and faculty members strive to impress this value upon their students. We strives to employ the most efficient and appropriate use of fiscal and human resources in order to provide students with a quality, affordable higher education experience.

Adaptability: Preparing students for a global, technologically changing world requires faculty and staff members to be adaptive and responsive in developing and delivering programs and services. The trust places a high value on the leadership shown by its faculty and staff.

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